Northern Lights Photography Workshop – Fall 2018

From $250.00

Learn how to locate, experience & photograph the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) in & around Lake Huron, Bruce Peninsula, Tobermory & Georgian Bay in Southern Ontario.  Our Northern Lights night photography workshop are held under the stars during a live Aurora Borealis event and is intended for all aspiring photographers of any skill level.

Course Includes:

Max 10 Participants/students per workshop.  Any skill level, including beginners.

  • Long exposure & night/aurora photography instruction & techniques.
  • Basic Northern Lights forecasting/predicting: auroral ovation, regional KP values and other conditions.
  • Choosing a location based on conditions.
  • Finding the Northern Lights in the night sky under different auroral/weather conditions.
  • Going with the flow: Adjusting exposure and settings based on activity and conditions.
  • On-location smart phone aurora prediction configuration.
  • Access to private Facebook group for additional technical support.
  • 1st month free subscription to our aurora SMS/Email notification service with on-the-ground reports.
  • Discount at FotoArt camera store in Owen Sound on photo printing and selected camera equipment.
  • 10% off additional advanced workshops offered by Grey Bruce Auroras.

How does it work?

  • When the sun fires off solar activity toward earth, we will notify you up to 3 days before the aurora event is expected to occur.
  • As the solar activity begins to affect earth's atmosphere, we will keep participants updated using our a SMS notification service while we watch space weather data closely.
  • Participants will be notified with as much notice as possible of a location and time chosen by us based on weather, safety and other conditions.
  • We will do our best to make sure aurora conditions are promising before hosting the workshop.
  • Our Northern Lights photography workshop will take place at an undisclosed location chosen determined by our team hours before the workshop taking aurora strength and weather conditions.
  • Participants will meet at location and 1-3 instructors will be present depending on attendance.
  • If you are unable to make the short notice workshop, you will automatically be enrolled for our next workshop with notifications.

When Northern Lights Don't Dance

  • Capturing northern lights is all about the chase!
  • If the Aurora Borealis does not occur on camera during the workshop, we will host a continuous workshops for participants until Northern Lights are achieved on camera.
  • Be confident! You will have all of the skills necessary to capture any aurora event by the end of the first workshop.
  • Northern Lights displays can only be forecasted about 30-90 minutes in advance at best and is NEVER guaranteed to show as sometimes data is false due to solar interference.
  • Northern Light displays can be brief or dance all night until sunrise.  Auroras often show up earlier or later than forecasted or without notice.
  • While there is no way to guarantee aurora displays, we CAN guarantee your jaw will drop if we get BIG displays while attending our workshop.

Preparation List

Here is a preparation list to ensure you have all of the needed equipment and have an enjoyable experience.

  • Flashlight / headlamp (Red light is best for eyes adjustment)
  • Intervalometer (Remote shutter release); Not required but helpful for automation and can be obtained at any camera store.
  • Tripod or small table.
  • Fold-out camp chair.
  • Snacks & drinks.
  • Fully charged phone.
  • Charge all camera batteries and charge any extra batteries if you have them.
  • Remove all photos off of your SD card; Minimum 32GB but 64GB SD card is preferred.
  • Bring all lenses.
  • Microfiber cloth.
  • Camera manual for reference if needed.
  • Bug Repellent (summer).
  • Jacket / Warm Layers (year round)
  • Change of clothes / shoes if you get wet if we shoot near water such as a beach.


  • When arriving on location, please be aware of your vehicle headlights and flashlights pointing toward the group and landscape as it will wash out photos the group is trying to capture.
  • When attending workshop, please be considerate with your headlamp or flashlight; use only when needed.  A small amount of light will affect the foreground of a capture for all participants.
  • DSLR or SLR cameras only.  Entry level DSLR cameras with kit lens, please contact us to confirm if you have question before signing up for the class.
  • Please No Smartphone, point & shoot or bridge cameras as they typically lack long exposure capabilities.
  • Have an “aurora nap” before the workshop when possible!


Tax and shipping included. (Canada & USA)

Licensing: Personal license for wall hanging / desktop. Additional licensing options available for commercial/business use. Scott Rock Photography owns the rights and copyright to all images unless specifically disclosed in a contract with client. Contact directly regarding availability for commercial projects.