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After watching, forecasting and waiting, the aurora data began to look favorable. We were forecasted for clearing skies. I ventured out for a drive about 10pm in hopes the clouds would clear as forecasted. I could not find any open sky, so I decided to hold tight and wait for some as we had a considerable north west wind. As the clouds began to clear, the aurora began to charge up and then with in a matter of seconds just started dancing like crazy. I was shooting a timelapse and watched the show with nothing but my eyes. After hours of activity, I finally called it quits at sunrise. Hands down, one of the best shows of 2017. You can watch the timelapse as part of the Skies of Saugeen Shores series: Skies of Saugeen Shores 2017 – Episode 02

Capture Date: April 09, 2017


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