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This is when patience comes in. I must have shot for an hour before they appeared.
I wasn't getting any aurora, so I decided to concentrate on some Milky Way captures as it was rising over the horizon. After about 15 minutes, I pointed my camera north again and WALLAH! I had an aurora glow on the back of the camera. For the next 30 minutes the aurora charged up for a show that could be seen with the naked eye. While it wasn't a spectacular show, it had “just enough” power for what I set out to capture that evening. Its always fun to watch with the eyes; many shows are back of cam only. After capturing hundreds of aurora events, I find every show is unique in its own way which is part of why its addicting! Northern lights & Milky Way over Lake Huron looking over Sauble Beach, Ontario.

Capture Date: June 17, 2017


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