Why is everything sold out?

Items are not available for purchase except through online drops. A drop is simply a release date when a new batch of items is added to the online store. This allows time to be dedicated ensuring orders are fulfilled along with quality assurance instead of orders trickling at random times which becomes more challenging to manage. Join the mailing list for information on the next release of prints.

How long are prints available when a drop sale occurs?

Drops may be time-limited (i.e. this week only) or may run until all items sell out. Items may remain sold out until the next batch of new prints are dropped into the website which could be several months later, up to a year. If a sale is limited to specific dates, it will be clearly stated.

How do limited and exclusive editions work?

At this time, there are three categories of prints; Exclusive editions, limited editions, and expanded editions.

Exclusive editions are very limited to the number of copies in circulation in existence and will usually have a higher value. Exclusive editions may not be available for every drop.

Limited editions are not as restrictive as exclusive editions, offer more affordability, and represent the the class in which most prints are for sale.

Expanded editions are also limited but they are very generous with the count of copies in circulation and the most affordable option for collectors. Expanded editions may not be available for every drop.

All purchasers are added to a manifest for each art piece for documentation purposes.

How are the copies limited?

When items are sold out, that’s it – they will never be available again. There could be a variation of it in the future (i.e. a capture from the same event but at a few minutes later) but the exact photo will never be sold again as wall art. Limited stock may be reserved for future events, shows, galleries, and in-person sales. Any damaged shipping returns will be physically destroyed. Additionally, the raw file and any other files used in creation of the wall art will be encrypted with an encryption key.

How can I prove my artwork is genuine?

Each print purchased will include a certificate of authenticity to validate the genuinity of the art. All social and website photos of a specific print are limited in size to better deter others who may print themselves. They can, but it wont look great, it will be very small ,and far from genuine.

Why can’t I purchase more than one copy of a given print?

You can surely purchase many products within one order, but orders are now limited to contain only one of a specific print. This allows others a chance to buy into the collection and keeps the purchase log fair for each collectible item. If you’d like to purchase a second print for a friend/family, you can place a second order and add their name in the order notes so the ownership manifest can be updated.

Why are sizing and format options different for each wall art photo?

Printing is quite complex. If the photo is cropped or possibly captured on a hazy or humid night, noise and other artifacts can become an issue at larger sizes or specific formats. To help ensure quality, the formats and sizes offered may differ for each photo to keep noise and sharpness degradation into account and offer the best quality for the specific landscape.

What size print should I buy?

The size of the print should match the size of your room. Every scenario is different, but keep in mind, the viewing distance is key, typically 3-4 ft. A few steps back can really bring out the scene and will ensure the sizes offered will best reflect the photo’s details. Each piece is equipped with a augmented reality tool to help you preview what it might look like on your wall in your space. Ultimately, there is no wrong answer, it is your call.

Do you offer custom sizes?

Custom sizes could be accommodated if you need a larger size for your space. It will depend on the photo, the conditions it was captured, and other factors; but cannot involve cropping or changing orientation to keep the limited count intact. Inquire by using the contact form.

How long does it take to receive my print?

Once you place your order, the credit card processing can take a few business days to clear. Once payment has cleared, the order is in queue. It will typically take 10-15 days from the purchase date for your order to processed, printed, dried/cured, packaged, and shipped. Please note: It can take up to 21 days with higher queues and holidays.

How much is sales tax?

Taxes are included on all items sold on the website. The taxes is baked in to the configuration price to allow you to configure your wall art without the worry of any additional charges at the end of your checkout experience. Free shipping is also included for all wall art shipped to Canada and United States.

Do you ship worldwide?

Currently, only shipping logistics for Canada and USA are in place. If you are in Europe or other regions, contact me directly and I can investigate what it would take to get it to your region in the world.

Will I receive a tracking number?

You will receive your tracking number when the order processing is completed and the shipping label is generated.

Can I return or exchange my item?

Unfortunately, in order to keep the limited edition assignments intact, returns and exchanges are not available. However, the rare occurrence of damage can happen during shipment. If your item is damaged during shipping, use the contact form and a replacement will be sent to you at no cost. It will be required to return the original item first (in it’s original packaging) so it can be destroyed to keep the circulation count locked down. While it may be an inconvenience, this method is the best assurance that extra copies are not floating in circulation, guaranteeing fairness for other collectors.

How do I care for my print?

With proper care and maintenance, your print cant last many years. It’s important to consider placement in regards to humidity and direct sunlight. Canvas, for example, will not withstand high humidity, whereas metal will work well in high humid environments. Learn more about caring for your artwork.